Recreate the standby controlfile when using ASM

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This is in reply to some work I was supposed to carry out over the weekend on a DR database. It could have been really simple, but it turned out it wasn’t. As part of a major migration I moved a 2TB database from OCFS to ASM, which worked really nicely with a Data Guard switchover operation. Trouble now was that the standby databases still references online redo log files on the file system rather than ASM. I wanted to get rid of these annoying messages by updating the control file which was already rectified on the primary.

Under normal (non ASM) circumstances that doesn’t cause any trouble, but since ASM has the naming convention “+DISGROUPNAME/db_unique_name” the standby controlfile isn’t that easy to replace. Well actually it is but I needed some more careful thinking.

The steps are quite simple:

  • Create a standby controlfile on the primary: alter database create…

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