Recovering a standby over the network in 12c

Martins Blog

Another one of the cool but underrated features in 12c is the possibility to recover a physical standby over the network with one line in RMAN.

Why do you need to perform this activity? Assume someone really clever created a segment “nologging” and the database was not in force logging mode. This operation cannot be replicated by redo apply on the standby, and you are bound to have a problem. Or, in my case, I had the standby shut down in my lab environment (intentionally) and created a few PDBs on my primary. For some reason I lost an archived redo log. This would of course not happen in a production environment, but my lab VM is limited when it comes to space and I may have moved my backup to a USB disk that I didn’t bring along.

So a long story short: you either recreate the standby-which is…

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